Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is situated in south western Uganda between Kabale and Kisoro districts and its close to Uganda- Rwanda border.  It’s believed to be the second deepest lake in Africa with its deepest end approximately 900m. Lake Bunyonyi is endowered with 29 islands like Akampene Island also known as the punishment island, Bushara island, Kyahugye island, Bwama island and Njuyeera island, and Bucuranuka island. In Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake and home of a variety of bird species like grey crowned cranes, levillant cuckoo, white tailed monad, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, African harrier hawk, egrets, cardinal woodpecker, grey crowned cranes, African king fisher, herons among others.

Lake Bunyonyi is suitable for honeymooners since its situated at the shores – the best place to chill while taking a drink.  Many travelers who go on gorilla safaris in Uganda also relax at the Bunyonyi Island after their gorilla trek.

Activities done at Lake Bunyonyi:

Boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi – there are many boats for hire at Lake Bunyonyi. The morning or afternoon boat cruise offers a stunning opportunity to see a variety of water loving birds, the waters are so safe and you can move from place to place without any interference from man eaters (Carnivorous animals), rebels and so on.

Community tours around Lake Bunyonyi – tracks along the terraces, banana plantations and lush green vegetation give a clear view of the 29 islands. It gives quite a great picture-perfect spot from all angles. Feel free to walk around and the villages since the residents are welcoming people and ready to assist the visitor when need a rise.

Birding at Lake Bunyonyi – It is also called ‘Place of many little birds’ for a very good reason. It is a home for over 200 bird species like the grey-crowned cranes, red-chested sunbirds, flycatchers, white-tailed blue Monard, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, egrets, herons, woodpeckers among others all over the banks of the lakes. If you are a bird lover but also in dire need for a quiet getaway, Bunyonyi is the perfect place to experience this.

Swimming on Lake Bunyonyi– Its water is free from Bilharzia so; swimming is safe here. Swim in a natural lake and feel the difference from the swimming pool. Take time to chill on the banks of the lake, sunbathe and deep dive any time of the day.

Local market – The African Market experience is something you should. Markets around Lake Bunyonyi have about anything you can think of ranging from African crafts, vegetables, shoes, clothes, and electronics. The people move around swiftly as they haggle for cheaper prices, others stand around and catch up with each other and others riding in with more merchandise to sell.

Canoe riding on Lake Bunyonyi – This is the commonest mode of transport on Lake Bunyonyi. The locals are constantly making trips across the lake from island to island and different sides of the hills to do their personal business. Lake Bunyonyi is free from dangerous water animals like Hippos and crocodiles among others so, chilling on it or at the shores is safer to the best of my knowledge.

Cultural visits to the Batwa pygmies – It’s one of the smallest groups of people in western Uganda. The Batwa pygmies is a unique group tribe who originally stayed om Echuya forest reserve and because of industrialization, the Batwa resettled and scattered in different areas of western Uganda including Bwindi and Mgahinga.

Mountain biking around Lake Bunyonyi – Hire a mountain bike or come with yours. The ride around Lake Bunyonyi offers clearer views of the magical islands and allows you to get up-close and personal with lots of the local people. Some of the lodging arrears provide bikes for hire. This can be arranged by your tour guide – to make sure everything is well prepared in advance.

Ziplining On Lake Bunyonyi – The recent addition is Ziplining. Sturdy ropes are connected between trees in the opposite banks of the Lake. You get to swing over the calm waters of the lake and even make half somersaults to touch the waters and feel the breeze on your face.