The Department of Meteorology has four Divisions which include,

Station Networks


Applied Meteorology & Data Processing, and

Training & Research

The Department is Headed by the Commissioner and is assisted by four Assistant Commissioners who are in charge of the Divisions.

The Department of Meteorology establishes and maintains a weather station network across the country. At each of the weather station, weather observations are made daily and the weather records are kept at the Department Headquarters. The weather records are provided to any interested end user on request.

In addition to provision of weather data, the Department process the data to provide tailor made climate information products to the end user as needed.

As weather influences crosscuts a number of development activities at different time scales, the Department provides a range of weather forecasts to different users which include aviation, agriculture construction.

Realizing the scientific nature weather and climate services, the Department provides training to different stakeholders in various issues which include use of climate information products, weather observation and others as required by the user.