PMA is the Ugandan government’s framework for modernising agriculture. Within this enabling framework commercial agriculture can thrive and ordinary people have the opportunity to move away from subsistence agriculture. More and better commercial agriculture means that rural poverty can start to be eradicated. PMA is all about government, ordinary people, business and organisations working together to create agricultural wealth. Collaboration between communities and government is a part of PMA’s unique approach.

PMA has chosen to concentrate its efforts in eight key areas that we believe are likely to make a real difference to the lives of ordinary Ugandans. We call these interventions the PMA Pillars. Each pillar plays its part in building up wealth.

  • Agricultural advisory services
  • Research and Technology
  • Agro processing and marketing
  • Rural finance
  • Natural Resource Use and Management
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Agricultural Education
  • Non Sectoral Conditional Grants

The Uganda Department of Meteorology is an active partner in the PMA. Under the pillar of Natural Resourse use and Management, the Department is implementing a project known as Meteorological Support for PMA.

Research and Technology
The new National Agricultural Research Policy sets out how research can better respond to the needs of farmers’ agricultural research policy research bill, 2004 Agricultural Education Agricultural education should be come an integral part of any youngsters learning – they are the next generation of farmers. The National Agricultural Education Strategy sets out how agriculture for business will be included in formal and non-formal education national agricultural education strategy

Agro-processing and marketing:
‘The agro-processing and marketing strategy explains how improvements in trade and finance, producer support and infrastructure can all work together to promote agricultural development for Uganda’s poor farmer’ marketing and agro-processing strategy

Rural finance
Since May 1987, the Government of Uganda (GoU) has implemented a successful Economic Recovery Programme resulting in a conducive private sector investment climate and the revitalization of key economic sectors. The results are evident in a relatively stable financial sector, balance of payments viability and steady economic growth with a low and stable inflation rate. Strategic Plan for Expansion of Outreach

Natural Resource Use and Management
The Land Sector Strategic Plan is designed to provide the operational, institutional and financial framework for the implementation of sector wide reforms and land management including the implementation of the Land Act. It is intended to guide government, the private sector and civil society in the management and use of Uganda ‘s land resources.